Friday, October 17, 2014

A Whole Lotta iPhone Pictures

I was going to do a post that involved a lot of words and brain power, but quite frankly, I am just too sick. I have had this awful cold all week, and my poor baby girl is sick too and just doesn't want to nap. So since I just don't trust myself enough to write a coherent post, I am just going to post a bunch of iPhone pictures. Most of them are taken at home where we have spent a good part of our week.
 Rosalie's new jogging stroller! She loves it :) 
 Lots of time spent in our jammies on the couch.
 I finally got Rosalie a high chair! It makes feeding her so much easier, and it was long overdue.
 She is always stealing my glasses
 Love her smile :) 

Rosalie and daddy time when he gets home from school :)
 I had a little photo shoot with Rosalie this morning, and I don't think she wanted to cooperate ha! I took some good ones with my Nikon, but these are taken with my iPhone and are mostly the "outtakes" if you will ;)

I hope you all feel a whole let better than I do at the moment, and have a wonderful weekend! It is BYU's Homecoming this weekend so I am hoping they kick butt even without Taysom! :)


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