Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My Favorite Beauty Products and Accessories

First of all, sorry that I have been MIA lately. First I had the flu and now I have caught a bad cold. Chanse had the flu as well, and poor Rose caught this cold, so we have just been busy trying to get better. But I am happy to be back today :) 
I have some beauty products and other accessories that I pretty much use all of the time so I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorites. Some of these are things that I have had for years and keep buying over and over, and others are things that I have only had for a month or so, but I really like them so far.

My sister gave me these earrings a while back, and I wear them all of the time. They are my go-to earrings for a bunch of different outfits because they look great with so many things. I also really like them because they are studs, so Rosalie can't pull them out of my ears. I can't find these exact earrings because I have had them for so long, but my sister did get them at Forever 21. I did find some cute ones here, here, and here though that are very similar. 
I absolutely love this phone case! The floral print on it is so fun and colorful, and I love how sleek it is. It is from Ankit, and they have a bunch of other fun stuff too! They have more phone cases, headphones, pillows, and blankets. 
My favorite red nail polish! Chanse got this for me last Christmas and I love it. Red will always be my favorite nail polish color.
Smartlash is something I have used off and on for a couple of years now and I really like it. My eyelashes were a bit skimpy when I got my eyelash extensions off a couple of years ago, and this really helped my eyelashes to grow back in. 
This lipstick is Tea Rose, and I love the color. It has purple shade to it, and I love it because it is just really soft and pretty. It is so old that I can't find the exact lipstick, but I did find the same shade here
My sister bought me this necklace for my birthday at Ross. If you don't shop at Ross you really should because there are so many cute things for such good prices! Since you can't shop Ross online I found some similar necklaces here and here
I like to have a gloss to either wear alone or to wear over some of my lipsticks, so I was excited when I found this NYC lipgloss for pretty cheap. I really like the color and I love how it plumps my lips because I have super thin lips and I need all of the help that I can get! 
I received this Pantene Dry Shampoo as part of my participation with Influenster, and it is honestly my new favorite dry shampoo. It doesn't make my hair look quite so white like some dry shampoos do, and it smells amazing!
Chanse got me this Japanese Cherry Blossom perfume for our 3 month anniversary and I love it! I use it all of the time, and I still have a ton left! Bath and Body Works is amazing in my book!
This is my new favorite red lipstick because it actually stays on my lips and doesn't get all over my teeth. It is super bold and has a rich red color. I also really like that it isn't "orangey" (is that even a word?!) like some red lipsticks. 
My SIL gave me this lip butter for my birthday, and I love how it is a nude color. It is great for just putting on my lips, or I sometimes like to put it over lipstick or gloss, to kind of tone down the color. It smells great too, which is a plus. 
I actually won my Younique mascara a while back on a Facebook contest and I was so excited because I seriously never win anything! I love using this mascara on days when I really want to get dolled up, but I don't usually use it every day. It does an awesome job of making my eyelashes look super long and full, which is what every girl wants right?!

Earrings- (old) similar here, here, and here
Phone case- c/o Ankit
Nail Polish
Tea Rose Lipstick- (old) similar here
Necklace- Ross (not online) similar here and here
Dry Shampoo- c/o Influenster here
Red Lipstick
Lip Butter


Monday, March 16, 2015

Why I LOVE Having A One Year Old

I love that she is so happy when she wakes up

Mornings are by far my most favorite time of day! Rosalie wakes up almost every single morning with a big smile on her face. She will usually roll onto her tummy soon after she wakes up and will look at me and smile. If I am still in bed, I will wake up to this smile, or if I am already up, I will walk in and her face will light up right away. This cute little smile fades when she has to get her diaper changed in the mornings (weird because she never used to mind getting her diaper changed at all), but it returns as soon as someone gives her a toy or picks her back up :)

I love her teeth when she smiles

Chanse and I are always saying how we don't know how it is possible, but that she is even cuter now that she has teeth. She has 4 teeth on top and 3 on bottom, and I love seeing every last one of them each time that she smiles. My favorite smile is when she gets super excited and gives me a big ole' cheeser! These are my fave because not only can I see every last one of her teeth, but her grin spreads across her entire face.

I love that she is always pulling the cutest faces

This girl is seriously queen of pulling faces. She does this cute look where she will completely pucker her lips and scrunch her nose. She also loooves to scowl at people or make this super sad look and kind of push out her bottom lip. Sometimes she will even open her mouth super big and leave it that way just because she feels like it. She is so funny! Half of the time these faces come out of nowhere so I just start laughing at her because they are so unexpected. She definitely keeps me entertained, and I love waiting to see what face she is going to learn next.

I love that she can feed herself
I was talking with my sister about this the other day because it is so much easier, and more entertaining to watch, now that Rosalie can feed herself. Now I can give Rosalie her food, and watch her go to town instead of having to give her each bite. I mean there are some foods that I still feed her, but for the most part she loves to pick the pieces up and put them in her little mouth. She is also slowly but surely getting better at chewing her food, so slightly bigger pieces of some foods and introductions of new foods has been possible :) I love watching her try new foods!

I love that she is my little best friend

It is so fun that I don't have to go anywhere alone. She comes with me to run any and all errands when Chanse is at school during the day, and for the most part she is so good! She loves sitting in the shopping cart, and she gets super excited when I give her random groceries to hold. I also just love chilling with her at home and talking to her all day long. I mean I know she doesn't understand everything I am saying, but I pretend like she does hehe.

I love that she loves being read to

Rosalie loves books and always has. When Chanse or I read to her, she will sit there and look at us and then back at the book, and then back to us, and back to the book. She will repeat this over and over again with a huge smile on her face until we are done with that story. We have started a little routine where Chanse reads to her before bed, and it is so fun! She loves it, I love it, Chanse loves it, it is just great all around! I always loved being read to growing up, and I also loved to read as I got older. Chanse was and is the same way, so we we hope that Rosalie will grow up loving to read :)

I love watching her become more mobile

Now Rosalie isn't walking, or crawling, but she is butt-scooting and this is the cutest thing on the planet! She will scoot all over the place on her butt, or she will roll to get everywhere that she needs. She attempts to get on all fours all of the time though, and she is improving. She just doesn't seem to have the desire to crawl or walk just yet, so we are just letting her do her thing. She does get more motivated whenever she is around her little friends who are mobile, so maybe she just needs more motivation ;) It is so much fun watching her run around in her little walker though, especially when she has something that she isn't supposed to because she will giggle and run from me. Oh man I love it!

These are only a few things that make having a one year old so much fun, because seriouslyI could go on and on because she makes life so great!


Thursday, March 12, 2015

My Favorite Plaid Coat and Some Cute Baby Sneakers

My Outfit
Coat- Forever 21 (old) similar
Shirt- Anchor Blue (old) similar
Pants- H&M (so many awesome colors!) 
Boots- Forever Young Shoes (University Mall in Orem, in-store only) similar
Earrings- similar

Rosalie's Outfit
Coat- Wal Mart (sold out) similar here and here (ON SALE!!)
Shirt- Carters (sold out) similar
Pants- Carters
Shoes- Wal Mart
Bow- My Talented Mama

I just love taking pictures with this sweet little girl of mine! She makes everything so much fun :) I am wearing my new favorite pair of pants again! I have them in two other colors as well, and I have basically just been rotating them because they are so comfortable. This coat is an old favorite of mine as well, and I wanted to wear it one more time before it got too warm outside. I got it from Forever 21 on clearance, so of course I can't find it online, but I did find a cute one at Old Navy that is similar. Rosebud's shoes are my new favorites for her because she will actually keep them on. My mom get them for her from Wal Mart for under 6 dollars, so definitely an awesome deal! I will put them on her at home when she is in her walker, and she loves walking all over the place in them. She isn't walking on her own yet, but she is trying to crawl and is starting to pull herself up to things. It is so fun to watch her grow! Have a wonderful Thursday!!!


Monday, March 9, 2015

Enduring Well

Lately I have been feeling super impatient with life, and I have been experiencing some trials that have been getting me down. I know that many of us go through this, but sometimes it is hard to be patient and positive in the midst of these things. Yesterday a friend of mine shared a quote when we were visiting teaching that I felt was meant just for me. I have heard before, but it really hit home this time.
This really hit home to me, and reminded me of just how blessed I am. While life will never be easy, I need to work hard to see the blessings in my life right now and enjoy the moment that I am in right now. I wanted to share this quote just in case anyone else was feeling like me, and needed this little reminder. :)

Have a wonderful Monday! Oh and if any of you know my amazing sister Courtney, be sure to tell her Happy Birthday!
Love you sis! Happy Birthday! Thanks for being the best sister I could ask for! I hope it is amazing :)


Friday, March 6, 2015

My Mom Uniform

She tried to eat a leaf hehe. Don't worry Chanse caught her^^^

Sweater- Eskimo Joe's
Jeans- Forever 21 (old) similar
Boots- Forever Young Shoes (old) similar
Backpack/Diaper Bag- Wal-Mart

While I love dressing up and getting ready just as much as the next girl, some days I am just going to be running errands with Rosalie, and I just want to wear a comfortable sweater, a stretchy pair of jeans, and some warm boots. This particular sweater is from a place called Eskimo Joe's in Stillwater, Oklahoma. It is a restaurant that has clothes and other little accessories and items that represent their store and Oklahoma State University. Since this is where my dad lived for a portion of his life and OSU is where he went to school, I have grown up wearing these sweaters and shirts. My boots are also my favorite boots ever, and even though they are going on 4 or 5 years, they are still in great shape. Oh and I have to tell you about my backpack. I use it as my diaper bag, and I have plenty of room for everything. And, best of all, I got it for $19 at Wal-Mart!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!